Welcome to Middle Age Ramblings!

Welcome to Middle Age Ramblings!

Hi my name is Sarah, a married mum of two boys who is approaching 50 and never happier than when outdoors, in the countryside and surrounded by animals.  Wellies are my favoured footwear!

I’ve recently discovered the therapeutic benefits of writing which I find quicker on a keypad than long hand so with a growing list of documents I came to the conclusion that why not share them?  Maybe others might benefit from such ramblings and if it makes someone smile then hey, that’s surely a good thing!

So I’ll try and post an article each fortnight.  Likely contents will be around my horses, chickens, dogs, the smallholding on which I live with my husband and son who is saving hard to move out, parents (in the annexe next door), friends that keep me sane (more to come on my mental health experiences!), keeping up with tech and the fun of work and generally juggling all the former whilst keeping in touch with the fun side of life.

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